Food Issues..

i have food issues
issues – with food
and food issues are some of the worst issues
because you HAVE to face it
three times a day
or you wither away

for the past month and half i have been on a STUPID diet
called the “low fodmap diet” as prescribed by the tummy specialist doctor

on this diet, I couldnt eat..
green peppers
+rice, potatos, any starchy /grainy things
+im already allergic to gluten and berries

and then part way through, i found that i was reacting badly to yams and sweet potatos, so i had to cut those out too.

i was eating.. nuts, avocado, greens, lotsss of greens, lots of eggs and meat, cantelope, oranges and bananas.

for over a month! this shit is hard. but also waking up every day with no energy and pain is hard. so yea. i did that. now i feel alot better.

but now that i feel better, i’m back to eating probably too much sugar.. the dietician told me that my sugar intake is not abnormal and i shouldn’t worry too much about my eating habits.. but idk. i FEEL like it is not good for me. and now, my routine is back to… morning, water, coffee with sugar and coconut oil, then another coffee.. then maaybe another coffee.. and no food, until i’m STARVING, at like.. 6pm.. and then I eat a huge dinner, and then just snack on sugar/bananas/almonds till 8ish and go to bed, bloated and uncomfortabe.. then i wake up, not with that pain like before… but more tired, groggy, and just feeling LESS good than if i.. didn’t do that. yet, i keep fckin doing it. *sigh*


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