Fabric / Textile Art

Fabric / Textiles Project

I worked on the red fabric for a few days, working on design and texture. I’m very new to this type of art, so i’m in the process of learning how to work with these materials.

While hanging with a couple of artist friend I turned the red fabric into a little bag/pouch, but I honestly didn’t like it very much.. I was liking it less and less. I thought maybe I should just finish it and give it away, or put it in the box of things that may or may not ever be finished.

But then, I decided to make a leave from the green material. I used windows and embroidery, and again didn’t like it very much at all.. I was feeling a little frustrated and tired of working on it.. until I noticed the little bag. I thought, maybe these will be better together? It worked perfectly on the front flap, and I actually love both pieces now.

This has opened up some ideas of.. spending time working on pieces of fabric, sewing them and creating texture and then turning them into bags, bracelets, headbands, patches, pendants.. Creating little lines of work that look very similar.

I’m really happy to have found this new style of art, it REALLY speaks to me and has been bouncing around my head for.. many years, especially of the past year.

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